Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Only 3 1/2 more days of school left. But before I get too excited, we have finals. Tomorrow we have a science final. It's not going to be that bad because it's a review of everything we've already tested on. But I still need to study a couple of hours. I'm really looking forward to summer. I'm going to go to California, Florida, and Alaska. I'll be gone for about 1 month or so total. Rachel (my sister) wants to stay in Alaska for longer, but I don't really want to. I want to stay here and hang out with friends. Adios.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Today I have no homework. my last class was study hall, so that's the reason. Sometimes I have homework left after, but I didn't have much homeowrk today. I'll post poems and/or quotes next time.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Computer class.. Last class.. Time to go home soon. I'm so sick of school right now. I wonder what i'm going to do about Taylor.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Today is Monday. I'm tired. The reason is because I had a few friends over during the weekend, and we didn't go to bed until 1:00 am, and woke up before 7:00 am. I'll go to bed early tonight.. I don't feel like posting poetry or quotes right now, I will later though. First I have to figure out what I'm going to do about this situation i'm in, I don't want to go into that now.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Quote that is pretty inspiring:

May you find serenity and tranquility in a world you may not always understand. May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with courage and optimism. Always know that there are those whose love and understanding will always be there, even when you feel most alone. May you discover enough goodness in others to believe in a world of peace. May a kind word, a reassuring touch, and a warm smile be yours every day of your life, and may you give these gifts as well as receive them. Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending. Teach love to those who hate, and let that love embrace you as you go out into the world. May the teachings of those you admire become part of you, so that you may call upon them. Remember, those whose lives you have touched and whose have touched yours are always a part of you, even if the encounters were less than you would have wished. It is the content of the encounter that is more important than the form. May you not become too concerned with material matters, but instead place immeasurable value on the goodness in your heart. Find time each day to see beauty and love in the world around you. Realize that each person has limitless abilities, but each of us is different in our own way. What you feel you lack in the present may become one of your strengths in the future. May you see your future as one filled with promise and possibility. Learn to view everything as a worthwhile experience. May you find enough inner strength to determine your own worth by yourself, and not be dependent on another's judgment of your accomplishments. May you always feel loved. - anonymous

My elective today is dance, two hours of it. I'm glad it's Friday though. This weekend is going to be a busy one. About 3 people want to go to the movies and one other person wants to hang out. I have three projects due Monday and next week Friday. I have to do a history poem, a map of Europe, and a Poet project. I'm about half way done with all of them. Here are a couple Cinquian poems I made a few weeks ago:


Behind your ev'ry move
Warping, playing tricks on the eye


Sun shines brightly
Birds and nature singing
Laughing, playing, lots of fun

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Poem by Langston Hughes:

Dream Deferred

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raison in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
Like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
Like a heavy load
Or does it explode?

This is a Quatrain poem that I've made:

My World

Leaving Footprints in the sand
Sun casting shadows down
Ocean erasing imprinted land
My world had not a single frown.

The Big Island Field trip was pretty fun. At first we stayed in cabins that had three beds, and not much more room for anything else. It was actually pretty cold right there; about 60 degrees or so. I guess I'm not used to Alaska weather anymore. Anyways, we stayed there for two nights, and on the last night we stayed in a bed and breakfast. We all (my whole class) had to sleep on the floor. It wasn't that bad. On the last day we went kayaking and we saw some Spinner dolphins about 4 feet away. I wish I brought my camera. But, my friend Francesca is going to make me some copies of her photos.

My mom got back from Cali. and she got me a few things. I got this one shirt that says 'Grass Valley, Ca' or something like that, and a few other little things. She says that i'm going to love it when we go to California, because there's a lot of shopping and i've never really experienced living in a place in the contiguous U.S.


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Mm K. This is the last class, before I go home from school. Tomorrow I'm going to this Big Island field trip with my class for 3 days. At first I didn't want to go at all, but now it seems like it'll be fine. We raised money by selling tickets to win a surfboard. Prices: 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. The tip ended up being about $374.000 each, and I didn't quite have enough. So, I had to pay $154 of it. My mom is actually in California seeing her boyfriend, so the timing is perfect. She's coming back to Kauai on Friday. Cya later.